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Straight Edge SCHIENE-M Solid Brass By Schluter

  • Brass
    Brass Material
  • Straight Edge
    Straight Edge Profile

Material: Brass

Finish: Natural Brass

Length: 2.5m Length

Brand: Schluter

3mm M30
£20.41 each
4.5mm M45
£20.98 each
6mm M60
£22.91 each
8mm M80
£24.26 each
9mm M90
£23.82 each
10mm M100
£26.64 each
11mm M110
£24.10 each
12.5mm M125
£25.37 each
15mm M150
£28.99 each
16mm M160
£31.57 each
17.5mm M175
£32.20 each
20mm M200
£34.15 each
22.5mm M225
£37.19 each
25mm M250
£39.59 each
30mm M300
£45.82 each

Schluter SCHIENE is a special profile that finishes and protects the edges of tiled surfaces.

However, it can also be used as a decorative profile very much like the Schluter Jolly profiles.

The trim has an engineered grout spacer which gives the trim and tiles a uniformed finish.

*2mm, 3mm & 4.5mm profiles do not have a joint spacer.

New Natural Brass can come through in a multitude of different colours, but over time it darkens and takes on a green, brown, or reddish patina. If you prefer the appearance of older aged brass, there are several ways to hasten or imitate ageing, using either Vinegar or Salt water has this effect, there are many guides and tutorials available online which demonstrate how this can be done.


Order a 100mm sample piece which will be Dispatched Mon-Fri Only, Order before 12.00pm for same day Dispatch.

3mm (£1.20 per sample)
4.5mm (£1.20 per sample)
6mm (£1.20 per sample)
8mm (£1.20 per sample)
9mm (£1.20 per sample)
10mm (£1.20 per sample)
11mm (£1.20 per sample)
12.5mm (£1.20 per sample)
15mm (£1.20 per sample)
16mm (£1.20 per sample)
17.5mm (£1.20 per sample)
20mm (£1.20 per sample)
22.5mm (£1.20 per sample)
25mm (£1.20 per sample)
30mm (£1.20 per sample)
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