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Straight Edge Polished Stainless Steel Tile Trim SSEP by PREMTOOL Special Offer
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Straight Edge Polished Stainless Steel Tile Trim SSEP by PREMTOOL

  • Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel Material

Material: Stainless Steel

Finish: Polished

Length: 2.5m Length


Option Product Code Price Quantity
4.5mm Polished SSE45P
£8.39 each
was £11.99 each
6mm Polished SSE60P
£8.52 each
was £11.99 each
8mm Polished SSE80P
£8.99 each
was £12.59 each
9mm Polished SSE90P
£9.59 each
was £13.19 each
10mm Polished SSE100P
£10.79 each
was £13.79 each
11mm Polished SSE110P
£10.79 each
was £13.79 each
12.5mm Polished SSE125P
£10.80 each
was £14.99 each
15mm Polished SSE150P
£11.99 each
was £15.59 each
17.5mm Polished SSE175P
£13.19 each
was £19.19 each
20mm Polished SSE200P
£13.20 each
was £20.39 each
22.5m Polished SSE225P
£14.39 each
was £21.59 each
25mm Polished SSE250P
£15.59 each
was £22.79 each
30mm Polished SSE300P
£16.79 each
was £23.99 each

This Stainless Steel Straight Edge profile is a perfect hard wearing trim but still offers a great aesthetical finish.

These profiles are perfect for Indoor or Outdoor use and can be used in a range of different Residential or Commercial applications.  

Its smooth and non-porous surface makes it especially difficult for the adhesion and survival of bacteria and/or other micro-organisms

All of our Stainless Steel profiles are supplied with a protective film offering protection during transport and storage, simply peel off after installation. 


Order a 100mm sample piece which will be Dispatched Mon-Fri Only, Order before 12.00pm for same day Dispatch.

4.5mm Polished
6mm Polished
8mm Polished
9mm Polished
10mm Polished
11mm Polished
12.5mm Polished
15mm Polished
17.5mm Polished
20mm Polished
22.5m Polished
25mm Polished
30mm Polished