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Straight Edge Polished Chrome Tile Trim ESA by Genesis Special Offer
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Straight Edge Polished Chrome Tile Trim ESA by Genesis

by Genesis

  • Aluminium
    Aluminium Material

Suitable for: Internal

Material: Aluminium

Finish: Polished Chrome

Length: 2.5m

Brand: Genesis

Option Product Code Price Quantity
6mm - ESA060.91 ESA060.91
£8.34 each
8mm - ESA080.91 ESA080.91
£8.54 each
10mm - ESA100.91 ESA100.91
£8.39 each
was £10.07 each
12mm - ESA120.91 ESA120.91
£8.39 each
was £13.29 each
15mm - ESA150.91 ESA150.91
£9.42 each
was £15.26 each
18mm - ESA180.91 ESA180.91
£10.79 each
22.5mm - ESA225.91 ESA225.91
£11.03 each

Polished Chrome Straight Edge Tile Trim.

Length: 2.5m

This Straight Edge Tile Trim supplied by Genesis is perfect for finishing edges of tiling on both walls and floors.

Chemical or Mechanical Stresses may impact the suitability of Aluminium as the choice material, and other materials may better suit the conditions required for industrial situations.


Order a 100mm sample piece which will be Dispatched Mon-Fri Only, Order before 12.00pm for same day Dispatch.

10mm - ESA100.91