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Square Edge QUADEC-E Stainless Steel V2A By Schluter

  • Ruler
    2.5m Length
  • Stainless Steel V2A
    Stainless Steel V2A Material
  • Stainless Steel
    Stainless Steel Material
  • Contour Box
    Contour Box Profile

Material: Stainless Steel

Finish: Stainless Steel (Polished)

Length: 2.5m Length

Brand: Schluter

4.5mm Q45E
£29.90 each
6mm Q60E
£31.25 each
8mm Q80E
£33.62 each
9mm Q90E
£34.93 each
10mm Q100E
£34.90 each
11mm Q110E
£37.92 each
12.5MM Q125E
£38.62 each
14mm Q140E
£38.86 each
15mm Q150E
£40.80 each

Schluter-Quadec-E is a stainless steel connection profile which gives excellent edge protection for external corners and edges of tiled walls. 

The visible area of the profile forms a right angled external corner for tile coverings.

Stainless Steel can be used with high end bathrooms or even if you are going for a more industrial style it never looks out of place.

Schluter is well known as one of the finest manufacturers of Tiling Profiles in the world.