Square Edge Plastic Tile Trim Black DPSP by Dural

Material: Plastic

Finish: Black

Length: 2.5m Length

Brand: Dural

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You can use a square edge profile as an alternative to many other popular profiles such as round edge, straight edge profiles, creating a more modern feel.

The DPSP can also be used as a tile capping for use on top of a skirting tile, or as a finishing edge on the top of a tile.

Pre Formed External Plastic Corners are available.

Order a 100mm sample piece which will be Dispatched Mon-Fri Only, Order before 12.00pm for same day Dispatch.

  • 7mm - DPSP733 (£1 per sample)
  • 9mm - DPSP933 (£1 per sample)
  • 11mm - DPSP1133 (£1 per sample)

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