Round Edge Plastic Tile Trim Brown Marble ETR by Genesis

Material: Plastic

Finish: Brown Marble

Length: 2.5m Length

Brand: Genesis

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This Product is Special Order, and Hence NON RETURNABLE.

Generally you need tile trim between 1.5 - 2.0mm deeper than your tiles to allow for the adhesive.

10mm Brown Marble Round Edge Tile Trim.

Length: 2.5m

Available in upto 4 different depths.

7 Colours stocked for next day delivery.

Huge range of other colours available to order.

It features a quadrant face, good for 3 dimensional alignment.

Overhang lips to better butt against the cushion edge of the ceramic tile.

A second upright to support the face making it the very strong, easier to create a perfect mitre.

Because of it's strength, also suitable for use with floor tiles.