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Squarelight LED Square Edge Tile Trim by Dural

by Dural

  • Square Edge
    Square Edge Profile
  • Aluminium
    Aluminium Material
  • Ruler
    2.5m Length

Material: Anodised Aluminium

Finish: Matte Silver

Length: 2.5m

Brand: Dural


Please note the LED strip does not come with this profile

9mm SQL 90-SK
£32.30 each
11mm SQL 110-SK
£32.42 each

Squarelight LED profiles have a bright future for ceramic surfaces. 

Modern LED technology is lighting up edges, terminations and transitions magnificently.

The LED basic profiles are laid just as normal into the tile adhesive. 

The LED strips are installed according to the protection class for wet or humid areas at a safe 24v DC.

The Squarelight complete profile consists of the basic profile with a strut for glueing of LED strips and the white translucent cover with the diffuse light function for LED illumination.

The basic profile and covers are also available individually.

Matching LED strips are available in two protection classes: IP 20 for installation in living areas or IP 65 for wet or humid areas.

LED strips and the associated transformers to match the LED's in various power ratings and an extensive selection of connection materials are also part of the Squarelight range.