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Why is Square Edge Tile Trim so popular?


Square Edge Tile Trim is recognised as one of the most versatile edging options, whilst it’s regularly used on walls and flooring. Whether you’re on the hunt for tile trim that can blend in with your natural tiles or would prefer a product that brings a pleasant contrast to your vibrant mosaic tiles, there are plenty of options available on our website. To help you better understand the rewards you can reap from choosing the right type of Square Edge Tile Trim, we’ve listed some of the key features below:


Square Edge Tile Trim can deliver a professional finish to wall and flooring transitions. So whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly trim to secure your tiles, a smart finish that brings a certain amount of character to your room, or a strong and durable barrier to prevent your tiles from developing wear and tear, Square Edge Tile Trim may be the best option for your project. It’s also very easy to work with, capable of delivering a smooth, neat edge for contemporary and traditional homes.


Whether you’re tiling a kitchen, bathroom or hallway, it’s important to understand that every little detail plays a pivotal role in creating a certain look and feel in your home, and here at Premium Tile Trim we supply Square Edge Tile Trim in a huge range of finishes, including various first-class styles. From solid 24 Carat Gold Plated Brass to Swarovski Crystals and luxurious gemstones, you can discover the most beautiful edging for your tiles on our website. Whether you’re looking for a complementary tone, a contrasting colour, or a type of edging that flaunts a sophisticated twinkle, we’re confident you’ll find a style that’s right for your project.


As beautiful as Square Edge Tile Trim can be, it’s just as essential to achieve high levels of protection, as well as neat finishing of tiled corners and edges. Square Edge Tile Trim is perfect for covering any sharp and rough edges, whilst preventing tiles from cracking.


The cost of the tile trim can vary considerably, but there are now plenty of stylish options available for all budgets. Whether you’re an experienced contractor carrying out a major project or a homeowner who loves tucking into DIY projects, you can buy this type of edging quickly and easily with our secure online ordering system.


We supply Square Edge Tile Trim from leading manufacturers such as Genesis, PREMTOOL, Dural and Schluter – all of which are recognised for their robust, stylish and dependable products. Square Edge Tile Trim offers a long lasting protective finish, no matter what size, depths or style you decide on.

Ease of Maintenance

Looking after this type of trim is incredibly easy, as most products do not require a strong, chemical cleaner, so your cleaning routine doesn’t need to include anything stronger than warm water and washing up liquid! If you’re interested in completing your project with Square Edge Tile Trim, be sure to take a look at our many colours, materials and finishes. If you have any questions about any of our products, please do not hesitate to send us a message or call 01604 439345.