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What are stair nosings?


What are stair nosings?

For those not in the tiling or flooring business, you like many others probably haven’t heard of stair nosing. Stair nosing simply provides joining along the step where the two floors meet, delivering a tidy finish to any stairs. Nosings can be used on tiled, laminated or wooden floors, protecting the edges from becoming damaged whilst providing a smooth edge.

These are just a few of the benefits of stair nosing:

  • Provides extra grip
  • Adds length to each step
  • Increases safety, as there is less chance of tripping or slipping on the steps
  • Minimises damage to the steps
  • Easily replaced
  • Highly durable and strong
  • Aesthetically pleasing

Not only is stair nosing highly useful in commercial buildings but it also serves many benefits in our own homes too. There are many different designs and fittings for stair nosing and here at Premium Tile Trim, we stock two main types; Tile In and Retro Fit.

Retro fit is positioned directly on top of the tile, whereas Tile In stair nosing is fixed in line with the tile. Due to the installation process, Retro fit stair nosing is easier to replace should you need to. Both of these options can be purchased in varying lengths that can be cut down to size, fitting most stair edges.

Retro Fit Stair Nosing:

Retro Fit stair nosing is the easier of the two types to fit and it’s usually fitted with a self-adhesive strip directly onto the edging of the nosing. With different designs, the range of Retro Fit nosing includes a variety of groove choices providing each step with optimum grip. This type of fitting provides extra protection for the edge of the top, the step and the side. Whatever option you choose, you’ll be guaranteed durability and protection against scuffs and cracks, so they last much longer. Our Retro Fit stair nosing range also includes smooth edges without the added grooves, and they’re available in a variety of colours so finding a nosing to complement the flooring is easy.

Tile In Stair Nosing:

Compared to the Retro Fit, which simply fits on top of the step edging, Tile In nosing is fixed directly under the tile edge with its flange. The flange works by gripping beneath the tile edge and is held in place with tile glue. This secure fitting creates a long lasting finish to any stairs. Tile In nosing designs feature a grooved profile, offering optimum grip protection. When it’s time to replace a Tile In nosing, the removal of the surrounding tiles may be required, however, this is rare due to the durability that they offer.

If you are interested in our range of stair nosings or would like to learn more about the products and collections we’ve spoke about in this article, please do not hesitate to give us a call on 01604 859800 or send us an email. Our friendly team will be on hand to discuss any queries you have, and we look forward to hearing from you.