Premium Tile Trim

The Tile Trim Trends to watch


Just like everything in the world, there are trends and phases in the world of tile trim. As one of the biggest independent suppliers of Tile Trim, we’ve seen trends like these circulate and sometimes even come back again and again! Our favourite trends, however, are the ones that are here to stay. Some start as trends, and become a timeless classic that we see used to great effect in homes all over the country.

By taking note of what our customers tell us, and the products they buy, we’re able to pinpoint the biggest trends on their way to us. Whether you’re looking for the next big thing, or the next timeless classic, take a look at our predictions for the coming year.

Copper Tile Trim

The colour of copper is very much on trend at the moment. It can be seen everywhere from phone cases to kitchenware, and we knew that it would look stunning as a tile trim. The Premium Tile Trim group searched high and low for a copper trim, and in the end we decided to take the matter into our own hands. We’re the only suppliers we know of that sell copper tile trim, and we’ve seen a great response from customers who want this striking and sleek look for themselves.

Square Edge

When it comes to the shape of tile trim, there’s only a few options to choose from. Nevertheless, these inevitably go through phases and we’ve seen a real focus on square edge tile trim in recent months. Round edged trim can look subtle and classic, but a square edge gives a great minimalist look that’s very much on trend.

Contrasting colours

Trim is often bought to be unseen, but we don’t think it should always be that way. The range of colours we have available from suppliers such as Genesis shows us that Tile Trim can be a statement in its own right. Instead of a white trim with a white tile, we’re seeing increasing numbers of people go for a bold black for a monochrome look, or an accent colour to match the room. Little touches such as this can truly make a room individual, elevating it from a look that everybody has to one that everybody wants.

Premium Tile Trim aren’t interior designers - we’re a team made of tiling professionals who have seen our products used in creative, on-trend and interesting ways. We’re always happy to talk with you, hear your ideas and see what we can do to help you achieve them.