Premium Tile Trim

Luxury tile trim options: Making a statement


When you’re considering upgrading your kitchen or bathroom, one of the best ways to freshen up the look of the room is by updating your tiles and choosing the right trim for the job.

This isn’t just to improve appearance though, the right tile and trim can help ensure your kitchen and bathroom walls remain problem free for years to come. Your bathroom is likely to enjoy heavy usage, whilst balancing varying temperatures and increased humidity, meaning tiles are the perfect option to cope with all of these climates. There’s also the fact that tiles are extremely easy to clean, so of course, choosing the right tile can make a big difference to the look, feel and functionality of your bathroom or kitchen. When you’ve decided on the right tile, however, the next area for consideration is going to be the tile trim. Adding a luxury tile trim like one of the many options on our website will be sure to set off your bathroom or kitchens new style.

Costly problems can occur when your tile edgings do not have a trim and this is because the trim acts as sealant and makes the tiles water resistant and protects your walls adequately, so without trim around your tile edging there is a chance that water can get in behind the tile making it damp and mouldy. A good quality tile trim assists with securing the tile on to the wall, acting as a grip, preventing tiles falling off. Standard tile trims can ‘do the job’ but opting for a luxury tile trim can make your room look more unique and trendy. Our vast range allows you to choose from seven different colour options, with one sure to match your style. You also get to choose the right material for the job, whether that be the very plush 24K Gold Plated, Brass or Plated Brass designs. It’s completely up to you and luckily Premium Tile Trim has options for small and large budgets, whilst orders can be shipped worldwide (and are FOC when you spend over the specified limit). The luxury tile trims come in many different styles including diamond and diamond sand design, in square edge or flat edge depending on your needs.

Adding a touch of extravagance to your bathroom or kitchen is easy with our unspoiled 24K Gold Plated tile trim. This will surely take class and attention to detail to the next level and it can work beautifully in bathrooms and kitchens. So why not go above and beyond with your next bathroom or kitchen makeover and choose our 24K gold plated tile trims to compliment your designer tiles perfectly. We understand that one main concern with ordering luxury tile trims is the condition in which they’re delivered but you can be assured that we dedicate a lot of our time in making sure your items are well wrapped and neatly packed in a custom made tube designed specifically for our tile trims, whilst we also strap some timber to the tube to ensure items will not be misshapen during shipping and delivery.