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The Premium Tile Trim website is the go-to place for busy tilers looking to purchase Tools online. You will find a wide range of products to choose from, all of the very highest quality and available for delivery. We always keep our prices competitive to give you value for money whenever you place an order with us.

Browse through our range of Tools and order quickly and easily online. Our ordering system is efficient and secure, allowing you to buy exactly what you need, when you need it. It's the perfect solution for trade and DIY projects alike.

If you would like to find out more about any of our products, the team are on hand to help. Call us on 01604 439345 or get in touch using our online contact form.
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Blade length: 150mm (6 in)

Bahco 239 Junior Hacksaw 150mm (6 in)

£5.39 each

Blade length: 300mm (12in).

Bahco 317 Hacksaw Frame 300mm BAH317

£16.79 each

190mm General purpose mitre box.

Internal height: 38mm

Wooden Mitre Box 190mm 408978

£5.48 each

Bahco 3906 Sandflex® Bi-Metal Hacksaw Blades are a virtually unbreakable and shatterproof bi-metal blade with precision ground teeth for all kinds of metal sawing.

Bahco 3906 Sandflex Hacksaw Blades 300mm (12in) x 24tpi Pack 10

£39.59 each

Crain Nickel Plated Mitre Box 176

Crain Nickel Plated Mitre Box 176

£63.59 each

Cobolt Hacksaw Blades 456985

Pack of 2.

Cobolt Hacksaw Blades Pack of 2 456985

£7.20 each

Channel to hold Profiles

Versatile Mitre Block Pro 900MB

£10.30 each

Professional Quality Fixed Blade Trim Snips.

High Quality Super Sharp Blade.

Pro Tiler Professional Fixed Blade Trim Snips 15313

£18.62 each

Blade Length: 6in.

Economy Junior Hacksaw FAIJH

£3.14 each

Hacksaw Blades FAIHSB30024

A pack of 2 24TPI Hacksaw Blades, Bi-Metal Toothing suitable for most materials, IE, Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Steel and Cast Iron

Hacksaw Blades Pack of 2 FAIHSB30024

£4.80 each

Junior Hacksaw Blades FAIJHB

Fits all standard junior hacksaws.

Pack of 10.

Junior Hacksaw Replacement Blades 10 Pack FAIJHB

£1.50 each

Uses Standard Replacement Stanley Blades.

Mitring Up To 45 Degree Angles.

Pro Tiler Professional Trim Snips 2005

£17.60 each
  • Large capacities of up to 180mm in depth and 125mm at 45°
  • Indexable mitre angle setting
  • Grooves on table surface for cutting compound angles
  • Fast-action work clamp
  • Repeat length stop
  • Adjustable depth stop
  • Supplied with rear fence extender
  • Blade length 630mm

Nobex 180 Champion Hand Mitre Saw 610314

£308.40 each

Ideal for cutting aluminium & stainless steel tile trim when used with a fibre cutting disc (not included)

Integrated clamping fixture

Base plate can revolve up to 45° L & R

Cuts up to 65mm wide or 25mm round

Proxxon KGS 80 Chop & Mitre Saw 27160

£241.20 each
  • Blades 630mm long in a choice of types: -
  • 14 Tpi fast woodcutting
  • 18 Tpi general purpose
  • 24 Tpi picture framing
  • 32 Tpi non-ferrous blade suitable for brass, aluminium
  • 16 Tpi with Japanese style teeth

Nobex Replacement Blade For Nobex Champion Mitre Saw 610312

£15.89 each
  • TCT blade for hard wood, soft wood, plastics and aluminium
  • 80mm x 36T blade
  • Perfect for aluminium tile trim

Proxxon TCT Replacement Blade For KGS 80 Perfect For Aluminium 702068

£22.80 each

Ideal for cutting aluminium & stainless steel tile trim, plastic & wood.



Proxxon Corundum/Fibre Disc For KGS 80 Saw 28729

£2.40 each

Ideal for cutting stainless steel

76 x 10mm

5 discs included



Bosch Fibre Disc To Fit KGS 80 For Stainless Steel 5 Pack 2608601520

£5.99 each

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