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Nobex is one of the biggest names in tile trim, and for good reason. They stand for quality, reliablity and durability, and that's why we're proud to stock them here at Premium Tile Trim.

Our range of tile trim encompasses a wide variety of colours, styles and brands. If you can't find the Nobex product that you need, we'll be happy to discuss your needs on the phone. We often source or specially order products for our valued customers, so be sure to get in touch no matter how specific your question.
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  • Large capacities of up to 180mm in depth and 125mm at 45°
  • Indexable mitre angle setting
  • Grooves on table surface for cutting compound angles
  • Fast-action work clamp
  • Repeat length stop
  • Adjustable depth stop
  • Supplied with rear fence extender
  • Blade length 630mm

Nobex 180 Champion Hand Mitre Saw 610314

£174.00 each
  • Blades 630mm long in a choice of types: -
  • 14 Tpi fast woodcutting
  • 18 Tpi general purpose
  • 24 Tpi picture framing
  • 32 Tpi non-ferrous blade suitable for brass, aluminium
  • 16 Tpi with Japanese style teeth

Nobex Replacement Blade For Nobex Champion Mitre Saw 610312

£15.89 each

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